I resolve to make no more resolutions!

Instead I resolutely promise to just do it, whatever it might be. In all honesty I am not a big fan of resolutions. I do make them every year, probably more now than I ever used to. Every year seems to fly past and by the end of the year I can't help but look forward with slight anxious anticipation and wonder if I will manage to do all the things I want to do. But this year, no more resolutions. I am just going to make sure I do it instead.

On New Years day I met with some friends for a quick swim. I had planned to jump in off the pier in Toscaig, Applecross. It's not a big jump, but bigger than I have ever jumped before. The longer I stood there thinking about jumping, the less appealing the jump became. After a few minutes I had persuaded myself that I really didn't want to, or need to jump and that actually the ladder was the best route into the water!

If you are interested in getting fit, running a marathon, giving up smoking whatever it might be, my request for you is, don't hesitate and waste time thinking about it. Just go for it. If you have been thinking about going to an exercise class but not quite got round to it, don't think any more, just go. If you bought some trainers but never quite got round to running, stick them on and just go. You don't have to go fast or far, but it is not better to go than not to? Because next thing you know, December 31st will be upon us once again and you will be looking ahead thinking, "next year I really should..." when you could be proudly looking back thinking "Wow, last year I really did!"

Regarding my pier jump, I will keep you posted!

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