Hobby or Obsession?

I have recently been asking myself this question. When is too much? Whilst learning more about physiology and how the body responds to exercise I have been inadvertently using myself as a bit of a guinea pig. Trying to find how my body best responds to exercise, how I can make most gains in my fitness. A few years ago I would have been happy to just complete a marathon, but somewhere along the line the game has changed. This is perfectly normal. It is human nature to push the limits and see what more we can do. It is satisfying and motivating to see the gains you make, so you keep on going. And this is great, it it not? This is what we want, to be fit and healthy. We are constantly being told by the media and by health authorities that we must take regular exercise. Once upon a time it was a rare feet to complete a marathon and yet now there seems to be one on every weekend somewhere.

And not happy to do one people are doing 10, 50, 401 back to back! And yet one of the most important elements of physical training is rest, giving your body time to recover and grow. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking this. These are amazing feats. But for most of us it is just not possible. It is about finding a good balance. I guess the day the drive to train takes over your personal life is perhaps the day to sit back and reflect. Whilst it is important to do something, it must remain fun.

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