The three main components to physical fitness and well being are;

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Rest/recovery

It is only when you address all three that you can successfully begin to make changes.

 I like to start by looking at strengths, weaknesses and posture before designing a program which allows you to work progressively towards your goals, helping you to grow fitter, stronger and healthier.  Variety is the key, keeping it interesting, challenging but most importantly fun.

It is important to understand the benefit of a good, balanced diet to help to support and fuel your body along the journey.  We will look at your current diet and at ways in which you can improve on it to help you to get the most out of your body.

By including active rest and recovery days into your program you can continue to grow, whilst still feeling great.

Working with me one two one in Applecross, or remotely, my goal is to help you achieve your goal.  I passionately believe that exercise in any form can enhance your life physically, mentally and emotionally.  I would love to help you along or show you the way to being a fitter freer you.